BuildingBlockz is a similar game to Minecraft and Terraria.


  • Aardvark Egg: Spawns Aardvark.
  • Air: Unknown
  • Air Bag: Pritects from impact.
  • Backpack: Stores 50 items.
  • Bacon: Heals 20 of hunger.
  • Broccoli: Heals 50 of hunger, 5 plus with salt.
  • Cake: Heals 15 of hunger.
  • Cake Piece: Heals 10 of hunger.
  • Campfire: Source of light.
  • Candle: Acts as a light source.
  • Cannon: Shooter, distance of 40-50 blocks.
  • Cannonball: Can be loaded into a cannon.
  • Candy: Heals 5 of hunger.
  • Chicken Egg: Spawns Chicken or Baby Chicken.
  • Dog Egg: Spawns Dog or Puppy.
  • Eraser: Erases drawings on paper.
  • Eon Mushroom: Heals all health, found in caves and dungeons.
  • Frog Egg: Spawns Frog or Toad.
  • Gas: Fuels certain things.
  • Golden Shovel: A golden shovel digs in 5 seconds.
  • Hair: Used as a replacement of string.
  • Ice: When ran on, you have a 5 percent chance of slipping and losing 2 of health.
  • Ice Cube: Heals 7 of hunger and 4 of thirst.
  • Marhsmallow: Heals 1 health each.
  • Mouse Egg: Spawns Mouse.
  • Mushroom: Heals 15 health.
  • Oil Bucket: Pours oil, can fuel stuff.
  • Purse: Carries 10 small items and 5 big items.
  • Plastic: Can be used to build plastic creations.
  • Quilt: Can be used as warmth, prevents frostbite.
  • Salt: Makes broccoli and other selected foods healthier.
  • Splinter: Mined from Wood, has a 5 percent chance of appearing when mining wood. Removed health by 1 every minute. You can pull it out of you with your hand.
  • Torch: Source of light.
  • Tree Wood: Wood mined from trees.
  • Umbrella: Protects from rain and frostbite.
  • Water Bucket: Pours water, can drink. Heals 5 percent of health when purified.
  • Zebra Egg: Spawns Zebra.



A movie has been announced for a 2019 release.


  • Ant: An insect that can be stepped on. Lives near deserts.
  • Boar: Charges at you. Harmful.
  • Cat: Tamed Wild Cat.
  • Chameleon: Colorchanging animals that are passive.
  • Dog: Tamed Wild Dog.
  • Eontooths: A fictional breed of tigers.
  • Iguana: Found near swamps, is rarely harmful. Can be tamed.
  • Wild Cat: Harmful animal that can be tamed.
  • Wild Dog: Harmful animal that can be tamed and can do tricks.
  • Zebra: Animal that can be rode on.